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by: T. FOUAD, MD 2011-10-31
As I write this article, news has surfaced that the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), the Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, will not use the Brotherhood’s famous motto “Islam is the Solution” in their political campaigns...

by: T. FOUAD, MD 2011-10-30
As I write this article, news has surfaced that the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), the Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, will not use the Brotherhood’s famous motto “Islam is the Solution” in their political campaigns. Last week, the High Elections Commission issued a ban against the use of religious chants, symbols or slogans in the upcoming parliamentary elections...

by: MARK LILLA 2007-9-3
The twilight of the idols has been postponed. For more than two centuries, from the American and French Revolutions to the collapse of Soviet Communism, world politics revolved around eminently political problems...

by: ANAHAD O’CONNOR 2007-9-3
THE story of aviation often begins with Leonardo da Vinci’s designs for flying machines, which would later inspire the Wright brothers and their famous sustained flight at Kitty Hawk in 1903...

After being shut out of the presidency last spring, Abdullah Gul, a religious man in the assiduously secular realm of Turkish politics, allowed himself a little soul-searching...

by: Heba Saleh 2007-7-5
Earlier this week on a main commercial street in Doqqi, a middle class suburb of Cairo, there was a scene unthinkable even a few months ago...

by: Youssef Sidhom 2007-6-24
Dr Saad Eddin Ibrahim published an article on May 24 in the International Herald Tribune (and in ..

by: Youssef Sidhom 2007-6-24
The countdown for Egypt’s first ever multi-candidate presidential elections—to be held on Wednesday—has begun. Last week Watani reviewed the election ..

by: Hossam Tammam 2007-6-24
The inevitable rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, so confidently predicted by many, now looks implausible. At a time when restrictions on Muslim ..

by: Jean-Marc Mojon 2007-6-24
Egypt’s largest opposition movement, the banned but tolerated Muslim Brotherhood, urged Sunday its supporters to vote out incumbent Hosni Mubarak in the September 7 presidential poll...

by: Fahmy Howeidy 2007-6-24
The post elections propaganda echoes are still looming in the Arab world , where all press and media concentrated their air and space time to its process, execution and results which prompted me to delve closely in analyzing how the elections were conducted...

by: Frank Viviano 2005-9-15
The conflict now raging in Afghanistan is not a war between the United States and Islam, the Bush administration insists...

by: Hamdy Al-Husseini, IOL Correspondent 2007-6-20
ALEXANDRIA, Egypt, October 23, 2005 (IslamOnline.net & News Agencies) – The sectarian tension in Egypt’s second city of Alexandria over an anti-Islam play produced by an Orthodox church is casting a shadow over the upcoming parliamentary elections in the Arab worlds’ most populous country...

by: The Christian Science Monitor 2007-6-20
WASHINGTON - As the US debated going to war in Iraq last fall, some American Muslims were pursuing their own small antiterror campaign in the Muslim world..

by: William J. Burns 2007-6-20
Democratic Change and American Policy in the Middle East" Address by William J. Burns Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs U.S. State Department Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy, Fourth Annual Conference Washington, DC May 16, 2003..

by: Anwar Ibrahim 2007-6-20
Former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, Distinguished Senior Fellow, SAIS, Johns Hopkins University, and Senior Associate, St Anthonys, Oxford University..

by: Abdulaziz Sachedina 2007-6-20
Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. It is indeed an honor for me to share my views about religion and democracy tonight. There has not been any other time in the history of the Muslim peoples when they were required to evaluate their political heritage critically in the context of modern political developments...

by: Dr. Azzam Tamimi 2007-6-20
From ancient times to 1922 the lands to the east of the Jordan River were culturally and politically united with the lands to the west of the river. Muslims conquered the area, which was Roman rule, in the 7th century. The Ottomans took control in the 16th century and their rule continued until 1920 when the territories on both sides of the river Jordan were covered by Britain’s Palestine Mandate...

by: Dr. Azzam Tamimi 2007-6-19
A little over ten years ago, several Arab countries in the Middle East and North Africa experienced the breeze of democracy that blew across our globe. Unlike Eastern Europe and Central America, in the Arab and Muslim regions the breeze soon gave way to scorching winds of turmoil that only consolidated existing dictatorships across the region...

by: United Nations 2007-6-19
In January, the U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child considered Egypt’s second periodic report on the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. It welcomed improvements to infant and child mortality rates, but noted..

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