Ruling On MB’s Appeal Against Military Court Tomorrow
Ruling On MB’s Appeal Against Military Court Tomorrow
Sunday, August 5,2007 06:07
By S. Abbady
The Egyptian Administrative Court, in the State Court, will hold on Tuesday, May 8, its sentencing session on the appeal filed by 33 Muslim Brotherhood reformists and more than 100 of their wives and underage children to judge on the conflict of competence that they lodged to the Constitutional Court to suspend the president"s decision of referring them to the military justice .
It is worth mentioning this is not the first time in which civilians appear before the military justice; 1992, 1995 and 2001 witnessed referring Egyptian civilians to military courts.
Eight of the 33 detained reformists are doctors, 25 %, in addition to pharmacist Ahmed Abdul Ati who is currently abroad. Five of these detained doctors are teaching staff members in Egyptian universities .
The detainees have already appeared before a military court, last 26 April, and it was adjourned to next June, 3rd; the defence panel didn"t attend this session protesting at not informing them of the date of the first session which was held immediately after the Cairo Criminal Court issued its ruling of acquitting and immediately releasing the detainees.
32 Egyptian human rights organizations directed a message to the Muslim Brotherhood group, in which it called it to boycott the military courts to show its protest at the decision of referring civilians to the military court.