MB Urges Iraq Conference Set Timetable for US Troop Withdrawal
MB Urges Iraq Conference Set Timetable for US Troop Withdrawal
Saturday, May 5,2007 22:55

The international conference on Iraq was wrapped up today with recommendations and speeches that are divorced from the actual suffering of the Iraqi people; the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood touched the core of the Iraqi problem and called for eliminating this core through setting a timetable for foreign troops pullout from this Arab country .
-US, UN and AL Call for Stopping Bloodshed, Achieving Reconciliation
-Muslim Brotherhood"s Solution to Iraqi Crisis

The Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm El-Sheikh has been hosting during the past two days the international conference on Iraq that aims at rallying international and regional efforts to stop the four-year bloodshed in this war-torn country.
Delegations from more than 60 countries participated in this conference that that witnessed in its first day, May 3rd, launching the International Compact with Iraq in which the participating countries pledge to offer aid to Iraq in return for the the Iraqi government"s commitment to achieving a national reconciliation .
US, UN and AL Call for Stopping Bloodshed, Achieving Reconciliation
In her speech on the opening session, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice called on the international community and Iraq neighbors to give full support to the International Compact with Iraq .
Rice said that the Iraqi government needs this aid to improve the living of the Iraqis life, adding that the conference is a starting point, not an end, of a long-term process .
She pointed out that all participants see that Iraq"s stability is to their interest, stressing that it is due time to achieve this target through adopting new measures to send a strong message to the Iraqi people that the international community supports them.
For his part, the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon called on the international community to renew its commitment to supporting Iraq in all forms. The UN chief pointed out that the International Compact is a five year road map to achieve political and economic stability in Iraq .
Amr Mousa, the Arab League Secretary-General, called for stopping Iraqi bloodshed and achieving a complete national reconciliation in this country .
Muslim Brotherhood"s Solution to Iraqi Crisis
As for the Muslim Brotherhood"s (MB) attitude towards the international conference, wrapped up today May 4th, Dr. Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh, the MB Executive Bureau member , declared that the Muslim Brotherhood sees that the only solution for the Iraqi crisis is setting a timetable for the withdrawal of the US occupation forces from all Iraqi territories and compensating Iraq and its people for the grave losses caused by the occupation since 2003 invasion and giving compensations to four million Iraq citizens for the unfair war that caused destruction, displacement, killing and looting.
Dr. Aboul-Fotouh added in a statement to Ikhwanweb that the conference will be actually useless unless it lays down a timeline for carrying out solutions for the current problems on the ground in Iraq ; the conference will be mere talk if there is nothing to be implement.
"I do not trust the current US administration and I do not trust its leaders, principles or ethics because they work against the principles of the American people themselves; therefore, I do not think that America is really seeking a solution for Iraq"s problem" said Aboul-Fotouh, adding that " We wished this conference had been held under aegis of the Arabs because its recommendations would have been certainly implemented and it wuld have been stronger than this "
Aboul-Fotouh demanded the Arab and Islamic countries and the international community to carry out a real and effective role in order to help the sister country of Iraq get out of this current crisis, so that the Iraqi people feel these moves on the ground.
It is useless to continuously hold conferences and seminars to discuss the Iraqi issue without taking any action to solve the crisis, added the MB leader.