Cairo Uni. Human Rights Committee Condemns Transferring Scientists to Military Court
Cairo Uni. Human Rights Committee Condemns Transferring Scientists to Military Court
Friday, May 4,2007 01:08
 The Human Rights Committee in the Cairo University issued a statement that condemns referring Egyptian university scientists to military courts because they have a reformist project.

The Text of the Statement:

Countries and peoples all over the world give so much respect to their scientists and boasted of them front of other nations; pictures of scientists are put on currencies and their biographies are taught to pupils at schools.

But, in Egypt honoring scientists takes a different shape: throwing them behind bars over various charges, the most prominent of which are charges of introducing reforms and thinking !!

The regime has recently transferred a group of reformists to military courts.

Do you know that more than 25 % of those referred to the latest military court are teaching staff members in Egyptian universities

Why have these professors been arrested?

Because they have an effective reformist role in the society and the professionals and university arenas; this made the regime attempt to excluded them from the society in this critical stage in the history of our nation, and to intimidate all university teaching staff members and the other reformist powers in the society.

For What Are These professors Calling?

They call for building the renaissance of the nation and its cultural project on :

Keeping the nation"s identity, original values and deep-rooted principles .

The independence and freedom of the university and its professors and students .

Providing free and fair elections that reflect the will of people .

Providing a peaceful circulation of power .

Respecting human rights and stopping exceptional measures.

Providing judicial independence and integrity.

Why have these professors been transferred to military court?, why are they denied their right to stand trial before their competent judge?

The competent Court of Appeals acquitted them and ordered them immediately released; this made the dictatorial regime arrest them again and refer them to a military court.


This is not a matter of arresting nine teaching staff members ..

It is a matter of violated freedoms..

Violated human rights ..

Disrespected court rulings and people whom the regime wants to silence..

A homeland that the regime wants to keep behind bars..

It is the issue of every Egyptian ..

What shall we do?

Human Rights Committee

Cairo University

It is worth mentioning that 25% of the reformists who are appearing before an incompetent military court over fake charges, are the teaching staff members in various Egyptian universities.

They are:

* Dr. Khaled Awda, geology professor at the Faculty of Science, Asyut University, leader of the Egyptian geologic group and deputy leader of th international geology group.

* Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Abu Zeid, a surgery professor at Cairo Faculty of Medicine, leader of a group of auditors at the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

* Dr. Essam Abdul Alim Hashish, a communications professor at Cairo Faculty of Engineering, a member of the supreme council of the Engineers Syndicate and human rights activist.

* Dr. Mohamed Ali Bishr, a professor at power engineering in Monofiya university, Secretary-General of the Engineers" Syndicate, chairman of the regional office of Secretary General of Engineering Associations Union of the Islamic Countries.

* Dr. Mohamed Ali Baligh, ophthalmologist at the optical research institute, chairman of the social committee in the optical research institute.

* Dr. Essam Abdul Mohsen Afifi, a biochemistry professor at Al-Azhar faculty of medicine, assistant treasurer in the Cairo Doctors" syndicate.

* Dr. Salah Al Desouki Amer, anatomy professor at Al-Azhar faculty of medicine, member of the Egyptian anatomy society.

* Dr. Farid Galbat, international law professor at Al-Azhar University, board member of Al-Azhar scholars society, member of the Egyptian Society of International Law.

* Dr. Amir Bassam, histology professor at Al-Azhar faculty of medicine, secretary general of the freedoms committee in Sharqiya Doctors" syndicate.