Military Trials For MB Leaders To Begin Tomorrow April 26
Military Trials For MB Leaders To Begin Tomorrow April 26
Wednesday, April 25,2007 18:24

Following a civil Criminal Court"s decision yesterday, which acquitted MB leaders of all charges against them for second time, the government ordered the Military Prosecutor to begin hearing the cases as quickly as possible in attempt to put a halt on the criminal court ruling, which ordered the government to immediately release all 33 detainees currently in custody.

As a result, the Military Prosecutor ordered the trials of all MB detainees referred to military tribunals to begin tomorrow April 26 at 9:00 (Cairo Time) at the Heikstep Military Court complex at the outskirts of Cairo, which took everyone by surprise.

Political analysts consider the government"s quick decision to begin the trials tomorrow as an indication that the government is planning to "wrap up" the trials quickly and slap the defendants with 5-10 years prison times.

For her part, Zahraa Al Shater, Al Shater"s daughter and wife of Ayman Abdul Ghani who is also facing military trial, considered the decision for the military trial to begin despite of the court orders to release all detainees "unfortunate" and "confirms that the Egyptian regime is adamant in its vicious and unjust campaign against the Muslim Brothers without any legal merits". Zahraa added that she misses her father and husband dearly, but she, along with all detainees" families ,will remain patient and steadfast because they know that their loved ones are paying the heavy toll for their country"s freedom.

Dr. Mohamed Mursi, member of MB Executive Bureau, stated the regime"s embarking on military trials highlights its repressive policy against the Muslim Brotherhood .

Mursi added in a statement to Ikhwanweb that the Egyptian government"s ongoing policy of trying civilians before military courts, despite the staunch opposition and sharp criticism by human rights organizations and civil society institutions, confirm its utter disregard to all international laws and covenants.

"What have these well-reputed businessmen and reformists done so that this dictatorial regime freeze their assets and life savings which they worked hard for, and refer them to military tribunals" Mursi added

Mursi concluded by explaining how these repressive practices against all people across the Egyptian ideological and political spectrum, including the Muslim Brotherhood and the judges, reflect the dictatorial mindset which is currently ruling Egypt.