12 Agricultural Institute Students Detained
12 Agricultural Institute Students Detained
Wednesday, April 25,2007 09:09

Egyptian security forces detained 12 Muslim Brotherhood students from the Agricultural Cooperative Institute in the northern Cairo suburb of Shubra El-Kheima, while maintaining measures of fabricating a case against 20 of their colleagues in Shubra El Kheima court on Tuesday, April 25.

Lawyer Mostafa Atiya said that the students were standing near the court waiting for the Higher State Security Prosecution"s decision, to be stunned by a huge number of security forces ringing them, arresting 12 students, and taking them to Shubra El Kheima police station.
After awhile, four of the students were released while the state security held the other eight who are likely to be included in the fabricated case against students from the Agricultural Cooperation Institute which the prosecution is investigating.
It is worth mentioning that the Interior Ministry forces detained 20 students of the institute a week ago after breaking into their private houses or dorms and searched them upon a direct decision from the Interior Minister, Habib Al-Adli, without any prosecution warrant.
Fellow journalist and blogger Abdul Moneim Mahmoud was detained in this case and his detention was prolonged for 15 days and his file was referred to the state security prosecution .

The incident was considered a new precedent for the Egyptian police, and a serious violation to the powers of the judiciary, while others confirmed that these violations are a harbinger of the recent notorious amendments on the constitution that will make the Interior Minister"s signature a law for violating privacies and freedoms of all Egyptians.