Syria’s MB Rejects Foreign Military Intervention Against Syria
Friday, April 13,2007 14:18

The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria declared its outright rejection to any military intervention in Syria.
Ali Sadreddine Bayanouni, the General Controller of the Syrian branch of the Moslem Brotherhood, said that the MB and other Syrian opposition groups reject any military intervention in Syria.
Bayanouni received in his office in the British capital London a Foreign Ministry delegation of an undisclosed European country, in front of which he stressed that the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, the Coalition of Damascus Declaration and the Front of National Salvation in Syria that include various political and ideological trends within the opposition spectrum, reject any foreign military intervention in Syria.
Bayanouni told Ikhwanweb that he highlighted, in front of the delegation that he met last Tuesday, the European role in exercising pressure on the Syrian regime to do a real change in its domestic policies; he pointed out also that "what we are calling for and seeking is a national and democratic regime which is open to the international community, a regime that provides stability in the region, because the current regime"s policies of repression, corruption and tyranny will increase tensions inside the Syrian society and will spawn terrorism inside and outside Syria.
The MB leader confirmed to the delegation also that the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria is seeking a civil country whose main values are derived from an Islamic source of authority which is consistent with the human values of the Western civilization and democracy, like freedom, justice, equality, equal opportunities, separation of powers and respecting human rights.
Bayanouni said that he denied in front of that Foreign Ministry delegation that what the Muslim Brotherhood is seeking is a theocratic state, confirming that "there is no theocracy in the country we seek; there is an authority of an elected parliament that represents people," pointing out that the Turkish example, taking into account the Turkish privacy, is close to the model of the civil country that the Syrian MB seeks.
Bayanouni added that the MB has held several dialogues with many European countries since it declared its political program two years ago. The group held several meetings with some European countries to illustrate the group"s attitude towards some issues.
Bayanouni denied that the target of these meetings is to use the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood as a tool for achieving European and US targets in Syria; "The Muslim Brotherhood group in Syria can"t accept to be an instrument for any international party; the MB"s attitude and policy towards all issues are clear.
Asked why the name of that European country that met him wasn"t disclosed, Bayanouni said that:" We respect the privacy of the relation with these countries and will not unilaterally disclose this.