IIP Condemns Iraqi Parliament Explosion
IIP Condemns Iraqi Parliament Explosion
Thursday, April 12,2007 13:24
A blast hit Iraqi parliament on Thursday, in an operation which is condemned by the Iraqi Islamic Party.
MP for the National Dialogue Front was killed and two MPs for Iraqi Accordance Front were injured in an explosion that hit parliament on Thursday at noon.
Sources from Iraqi parliament said that MP Mohamed Awad for the National Dialogue Front was killed, and MPs Dr. Salman Al Gamili and Dr. Taha Al Lahibi for Iraqi Accordance Front were injured; the sources described the health condition of Al Gamili and Al Lahibi as critical without giving more details, adding that MP Osama Al Najafi, a member of Ayad Allawi"s Iraqi List, was slightly injured.
Eyewitnesses said that the explosion took place in the cafeteria after a usual parliament session; they added that the bombing kulled one and  injured others whose numer isn"t known because of the tight security measures that the US forces and the Iraqi army imposed around the parliament building .
It is still known how the explosion was carried out and what was the method taken to do it. Some sources said that the explosion took place through an explosive device while other sources said it was likely carried out by an explosive belt .
The Iraqi parliament discussed in today"s session a number of laws and voted on some of them.
 For his part, Dr. Alaa Mikki, MP for the Iraqi Accordance Front and politburo member of the Iraqi Islamic Party (IIP) condemned the blast and described it as a criminal act
Mikki said in a statement to Ikhwanweb that the bombing that targeted the headquarters of the Iraqi parliament today is a huge criminal act that serves only in adding more sectarian tensions in the Iraqi arena .
While the Iraqi and regional arena are witnessing an international political tension which is stoked by international parties, this huge bombing takes place to rcall to min previous scenarios .
Asked about the attitude of the Accordance Front towards the political process after this accident, Mikki said:" Our attitude towards the political participation is clear and we will never concede it whatever the pressures and obstacles that will face us while taking part in the political process.
Mikki confirmed that the substitute for our not participating in the political process is joining a sectarian war that will lead an all-out destruction and the collapse of Iraq and its people .
Mikki demanded all militant powers to direct their weapons against the occupation forces only and not to direct them against Iraqi citizens.