El-Shater: We didn’t Coordinate with the Government
El-Shater: We didn’t Coordinate with the Government
Thursday, November 3,2005 00:00
By Ikhanweb

El-Shater: We didn’t Coordinate with the Government
Ikhwan online
By Yaseen Abdel Maqsud
The Vice of the Supreme Guide of the Moslem Brotherhood, Khirat el-Shater, denied any differences between the National Front for Change and the MB regards the upcoming parliamentary election. He also declined to have any coordination with the government.

 He indicated that the Moslem Brotherhood is able to nominate 444 candidates, in all nationwide districts, but the movement’s reform program is superior to have majority in the parliament.

 In his interview aired on Oct. 26th, on satellite channel, al-Jazera, el-Shater expressed his exclamation about those who insist that the Moslem Brotherhood is banned and illegal movement. He expounded that the popularity of the movement is its evident and indenied validity. In addition, the leading figures of the movement are known to both the government and the security bodies. They represent the MB in all occasions and in mass media.

 El-Shater stated that the movement is ready to announce the names of its members providing to have guarantees for their protection from detention, from marshal courts, and from security pressure. He added that he is not sure if the government is eager to hold free election or it applies new fraud.

 He criticized the change in the approach of the mass media as regard the MB candidates over the last two days, from positive to negative. He pointed to the role of the national newspapers. He, moreover, underlined some encouraging aspects; up till now there is no detention, the electoral campaigns are not violated except in some districts in Cairo, and the MB candidates were not obstructed to fill their candidacy applications.

 He commented that the parliament is not so attractive for it has been stripped off its extensive powers since 1952. The Moslem Brotherhood has a program of reform which can not be achieved by one group. Accordingly, it is not profitable to have the majority representation in the parliament.   

 As for having one female nominee in the parliamentary election, el-Shater said that the movement has dozens of well-qualified female figures but the general atmosphere of the political course does not provide an appropriate chance to nominate more than one. If matters get better, the movement will appoint larger number of female to stand for election.

   On the other hand, he rejected the rumors that the movement uses its slogan ’Islam is the solution’ to affect people’s emotions, affirming that this slogan is the MB methodology since its foundation. Its reform program is Islam-inspired for the Islamic law is its prime authority. He added that Islam carries remedy to all problems. He remarked that outstanding candidates of the National Democratic Party distribute Holy Qura’n with the name of the NDP candidate, as a form of electoral propaganda; meanwhile, the MB does not adopt this idea. 


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