Akef: the Ruling System is Reluctant to Proceed with Reform
Tuesday, November 8,2005 00:00
By Ikhwan Online

Akef: the Ruling System is Reluctant to Proceed with Reform

Ikhwan online
By Muhammad el-Shreef
The Supreme Guide of the Moslem Brotherhood, Muhammad Akef, emphasized that the Egyptian ruling party, the National Democratic Party, is disinclined to progress the reform process. For the NDP leaders are absorbed into deposition since 50 years.

In his statements to el-Manar TV, powered by Lebanese Hezb Allah, Akef said that "ballot rigging of the upcoming parliamentary election is not excluded. The NDP can do anything; besides the negative indications exist. Yet, we are trying to be positive as much as possible. We encourage people to participate in the election."

 "The Moslem Brotherhood does not care about the number of seats they will win. We are concerned with holding a fair parliamentary election and with large-scale popular participation to vote freely", Akef added.

 Akef regarded the imminent parliamentary election as a new chapter in the country‚Äôs history, if conducted in accordance with the constitution and laws and if people are given the chance to practice the right of free vote.