The Election Results in Eastern Cairo Districts
Thursday, November 10,2005 00:00
By Ikhwan Online

The Election Results in Eastern Cairo Districts

Run-off election is the outcome of the districts in which no candidate got the majority of votes, in the first phase of the Egyptian parliamentary election, held on Nov. 9th, in eight governorates.


In Nasser City district, there will be run-off polls between the Moslem Brotherhood nominee, Dr. Makarm el-Darey, got 6975 votes, and the candidate of the National Democratic Party, Mustafa el-Salab, who received 8528 votes. In addition, a reelection will be held between the MB candidate, Essam Mokhter, obtained 6840, and the NDP nominee, Thorya Labina, 5914 votes.


In Matarya district, four candidates, among them the MB nominee, Mahmmud Megahd, who got 14000 votes, will stand for a run-off poll.


In Nozha district, the Moslem Brotherhood candidate, Magdy Ashore, and the NDP nominee, Omar Abdullah Refa’y will contest for a reelection. Ashore is leading Refa’y with 300 votes, at least. Moreover, a run-off poll is needed between the NDP candidate, Hamdey el-Said, and the independent, Eid Hakal, who is expected to join the NDP, if wins. 


In el-Hadeq district, the State Security had a great influence on its results. Ballots for the favor of the NDP candidates were cast in the polling boxes, in their way to count commissions. The supervisory judge, who is in charge of vote counting, was not able to give accurate results due to security pressure. The final outcome in this district is the reelection among four candidates.