Police are Dedicated to Help the NDP
Saturday, November 19,2005 00:00
By Fayoum online

Police are Dedicated to Help the NDP

Nowadays, The police’s main mission seems to be helping the National Democratic Party. Following a meeting arranged by the NDP in El-Fayoum, the governor and the executive bodies severely criticized the Moslem Brotherhood. The Sate Security Department summoned former prisoners, mayors and leaders of the governorate to incite them to get ready to attack the supporters of the Moslem Brotherhood on the polling day, of Nov.20th.


In another preparation for the parliamentary election, Muhammad Abdul Tawab, an officer of State Security Department in Atsa City, made a deal with outlaws. He met young men of Minia, Toqon, and el-Kharq villages and urged them to vote for the NDP nominees. He also provoked them to initiate quarrels with supporters of the MB in order to have a pretext to arrest them.


On the other side, in preparation for election, some members of the NDP paid visits to the residents giving them money and electoral cards.