Parliamentary Election coverage of Alexandria,News Headlines at 11:00 Am
Parliamentary Election coverage of Alexandria,News Headlines at 11:00 Am
Monday, November 21,2005 00:00
By Amal Aloma press,

The Hope of  the Nation .Net
News Headlines at 11:00 Am
Stage 2 of the Parliamentary Election coverage of Alexandria Governorate
Al-Raml Constituency:
It was confirmed that 18 No taxis full of large crowd of people of the so called “Collective Electoral Vote Registration” (it is a new phenomena recently improvised by the ruling NDP by which they carry out last minute changes to already marred electoral list by adding names from a completely different constituency and some times fake names just hours before opening polling stations for voters thereby leaving no chance to opposition to legally challenge it in courts. Sometimes these added votes fter voting had took place to rig results as happened with MB candidate for Dokki region Mr Abo Isma’il in favour of the NDP candidate, Amal Othman, a government secretary of estate) were brought in and witnessed at Ibn-Sina’s School in the Subsidy& Fund Box region of Al-Raml Constituency.
Al-Montazah Constituency:
Large number of Buses with number plates “Delta West” were seen inside the Headquarter of the Central Security Forces-brutish Amn Markazi- in Sidi Bishr District to initiate the process of the Collective Electoral Vote Registration. The MB representatives were prevented from entering the polling station at the Al-Ra’as Al-Soda’a Al-Ziraeia (the Agricultural Black Head ) school at 07:30 sharp, a
Nd In Allah we entrust.
Our correspondent saw 3 microbuses with Alex people carrier number plates 337026,235797 and 905548 fully loaded with thugs who were armed with heavy sticks and knives early this morning in front of the Al-Mallah No 3 police station. They were heading towards the polling stations in Mandarah in the Black Head region whereby a large scale fraud and tampering with electoral lists had taken place to the effect of voters could not found their names at their respective wards and some times they found their names misspelled. This has happened at the Agricultural Secondary School and many other polling stations.
Al-Dekhilah Constituency:
As soon as local resident had filed a complaint with the police reporting the presence of thugs inside the Bitash Primary Girls’ School, the police had arrived with more thugs in a microbus carrying a Sohaj 26972 number plate. The thugs entered into the station under the full protection of the police forces. The thugs attacked the supporters of Dr Tawakol, the MB candidate using knives and swords where Mahmoud Hassan was seriously injured and been transported to Al-Wafa’a hospital in Al-Bitash main street. Also hired bedwins by Ragheb Dhaiyf, the NDP candidate,
at the King’s region attacked crowd of Dr Tawakol’s supporters in front of The King Primary School and had prevented their representatives from entering the polling station.