El-Bihara: Follow-up to Run-offs
Saturday, November 26,2005 00:00
By (Ikhwan online)

El-Bihara: Follow-up to Run-offs

The police mar the run-off in el-Bihara governorate amidst helplessness of the supervisory judges to halt irregularities. For example, police enclose 15 polling centers in Kafr el-Dawar constituency, in addition; some electoral monitors of human right organizations are taken into custody.
In el-Mahmudia electoral district, police seal the polling stations off. Voters and candidates’ representatives are prevented from entering the polling centers.
In Eta el-Barod constituency, the National Democratic Party’s nominee opens fire to terrorize voters. 
In Wady el-Natron voting district, the Moslem Brotherhood’s candidate is attacked; moreover, his son is detained along with seven of his supporters. The monitors of the human right organizations, furthermore, are assaulted.