News Coverage of Stage 2 run-off of the Egyptian ,Alexandria at 13:30 pm
Saturday, November 26,2005 00:00
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News Coverage of Stage 2 run-off of the Egyptian Parliamentary Election
Alexandria at 13:30 pm
Al Dekhelah Constituency:
A press conference staged by Dr Tawakol Mas’ood, the MB candidate and was attended by a large number of the media, press and news agency correspondents, has just ended.
There are currently more than 3000 of the MB supporters and local residents gathering in front of Al-Wardian Secondary School calling on the Security Forces-who are cordoning the area to prevent voters from entering polling stations to cast their votes- and the overseeing judges to allow the election procedures to proceed in a fair manner.
The security forces detained Dr Hamdy Hassan, an MB current Member of Parliament (MP), with a group of foreign media correspondents on the road side for half an hour. Dr Hassan was almost assaulted by the police lest he contacted the Governor of Alexandria and the office of the Interior Minster.
Ghorbaal Constituency:
The employees of local firms in the area, such as Salt and Sodium Company, were forcedly transferred in busses to vote for the NDP candidate at the Bahethat Al Badiyah School’s polling station.
One of the police officers, acting in favour of the NDP candidate, has fired few shots in the air in order to frighten-flock off- voters and hence to spoil the election process.
9 of the MB youth have managed to escape from the security forces while the latter were trying to arrest them.
The NDP candidate is currently registering 3000 polling cards
(The so called collective registration in line with NDP latest improvised method of electoral rigging) for people from Borj Al-Arab-e.g. non-residents- in order to for the ballot count to tilt for his favour.
A fresh new wave of supporters of the MB candidate Mr Osama Jadoo have been arrested at 11:25Am, including; Amro Eid Abdolasalam, Ahmed Awad, Mahmoud Soliman, Ahmed Hassan and Hosam Salah.
The situation still is of insistence of the NDP people and their loyal police forces to prevent residents from casting their votes and of determination and resolve on the part of the MB to mobilise the masses to participate positively in the election.
A punch of NDP-thugs physically have assaulted and beaten the MB youth and the local residents inside Etehad Al-Gamhoriyat (League of republics) School polling station.
Mohamed Farooq, one of the most feared State Security officers is standing at the entrance to the Bahethat Al-Badiyah School poling station preventing the passage of the electorates from entering the station to cast their votes. Till this moment no body has managed to cast his or her vote not only at this polling station but also at Ahmed Tal’at and Shareef Abdolrazeq’s ones.
The security forces have prevented the MB candidate Mr Osamah Jadoo from entering to Bahethat Al Badiya polling station.
The local residents have prevented a taxi with number plate Gharbiyah 7576 from entering into the station.
Two presiding officers at two polling sub-stations at Al-Nahdah Al-Nobiyah (Nobiyan renaissance) School have stopped vote casting process until the security forces allow the voters to enter the stations.
One priest was denied access to his polling station for casting his vote, at Al-Mosheer (Major General) Ahmed Badawi School, by one of the police officers.
A vehicle with 77191number plate was spotted full of collectively registered passeng on-route from the Station to Abo Soliman.
The presiding judge of ward 11 at the Etehad Al-Jamhoriyat School is currently stopping the vote casting process until the arrival of the opposition representative who was denied access by the security forces.