35 Brotherhood Nominees in Tomorrow’s Run-offs
Tuesday, December 6,2005 00:00
By (Ikhwan web)

35 Brotherhood Nominees in Tomorrow’s Run-offs

The increasingly troubled Egyptian parliamentary polls wrap up tomorrow. The final run-offs kick off in nine governorates. 35 of Muslim Brotherhood’s candidates compete in six provinces; 11 in el-Daqhlia, 11 in el-Sharqia, 5 in Kafr el-Sheikh, 5 in Sohag, 2 in Dametta, and one nominee in Northern Sinai. Voting irregularities are expected, especially the widespread thuggery.
Crackdowns of Brothers and sweeping on their houses were dominant government tactic during the run-in. 
Meanwhile, judges, in a stormy meeting of their Union, emphatically exhort the government to preserve vote integrity. During the session, numerous judges disclosed irregularities committed by thugs and policemen against voters and judges themselves.
In connection to that development, the Administrative Court made two crucial rulings; the first gives human right organizations the right to oversee ballot count through monitor sets, the second calls off the polls in four constituencies of el-Daqhlia governorate. However, it is not clear whether the court ruling will be implemented or not.