Victims of Egyptian Vote
Victims of Egyptian Vote
Monday, December 12,2005 00:00
By (Ikhwan web)

Victims of Egyptian Vote
Although the Egyptian polls wrapped up, more than thousand of Brothers are sill nationwide detained.
In el-Sharqia governorate, 118 were put under arrest; only 60 of them appeared before the persecution.
In el-Daqhlia governorate, 215 were jailed; 155 in Burg el-Arab area while 60 in camps of riot police.
74 persons were detained in Dametta governorate, 15 in Suez, 16 in Ismailia, 25 in Assute, 7 in Qina, 31 in el-Garbia, 37 in Cairo, 12 in Giza, 25 in el-Areish City, and 305 in Sohag province. Besides, uncountable detainees are jailed in riot-police camps.     
The vote, furthermore, left 15 deaths; 7 in el-Sharqia, 3 in el-Daqhlia, 3 in Dametta, one in each Alexandria and Kafr el-Sheikh. In addition 345 citizens were badly injured during the polls.