MB Detainees Complain of Poor Prison Treatment
MB Detainees Complain of Poor Prison Treatment
Tuesday, April 3,2007 17:03
The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) detainees in the southern Cairo prison of Tura (28 detainees) are facing harsh and poor treatment by prison administration which succumbs to the pressures of the State Security Police Service. Detainees are kept in their prison cells for 23 hours every day and get only one hour break outdoors. At least six individuals are kept in 2×3 metres prison cells. Moreover, detainees were prevented from performing the Friday Prayer during the last two weeks

As for the unsanitary conditions that these political detainees face, their cells lack toilets. Available toilets are shared by other inmates and have no doors!
The criminal detainees who are kept in the same prison aren"t experiencing such a bad treatment.  They are enjoying more freedoms and rights.
The prison administration did not respond to the patients demands of bringing the prison doctor, specially that eng. Omar Abdullah, coordinator of the anti-sequestration group of engineers, is suffering of an acute inflammation in his leg and needs immediate treatment; however, the prison administration gave a deaf ear to his complaint.
For his part, Ahmed Saif Al-Islam Hamad, the manager of Hesham Mubarak Human Rights Center said that Egyptian prisons conditions are badly deteriorating .
Hamad pointed out that this deterioration includes poor treatment and unsanitary conditions in addition to denying medication for even seriously ill detainees.