Mubark Vows Political and Legislative Reforms
Mubark Vows Political and Legislative Reforms
Tuesday, December 20,2005 00:00
By Ahmed Mahmmud
The Egyptian President, Muhammad Mubark, promised to perform numerous political and legislative reforms. Acknowledging vote irregularities, he added that these negative aspects come under the general designed plan of political, legislative, economical and social reforms in Egypt.
Remarking the new parliamentary round, Mubark addressed a joined meeting of the lower and the upper houses. In his speech, Mubark asserted that reform is continuous process and that cooperation with all powers is the next step.
Mubark put more emphasis on reform issue and its significance. He also hinted to the need for adding constitutional dimension to the Egyptian parliament in order to attain the long-desired reform.
The coming period will witness new legislations that enlarge the scope of freedom; human-right-relative laws such as provisionary custody come on the top.
Mubark stated some urgent priorities regarding economical and social reforms. Unemployment tops then law-income subsides follows. He also highlighted a number of pertaining issues such as the law bill of economical courts along with customary and taxes reforms.
 The government, the parliament and the society should collectively join together to protect Egyptian achievements, Mubark remarked.