The Interior Minister Faces Inquiry on Torture
The Interior Minister Faces Inquiry on Torture
Wednesday, January 25,2006 00:00
By (Ikhwan web)

Ibrahem el-Zanony, the deputy of Makhakha City of el-Minia government, asserted that he will table a question against the Interior Minister if reports of torturing detainees of Aba village are confirmed. He added that he headed for the police station in order to keep eyes closely on the incident which is a new episode in the violation of human rights and indignity of citizens.
Eye witnesses said officers of Makhakha police station subjected captures to brutal patterns of torture. Yesterday, Aba village saw a mishap where a police officer shot a local dead. Enraged residents, in return, attacked the officer causing him injuries. Following these critical instances, 30 truckloads of riot police were summoned to the village. Security forces turned the village into barracks when imposed nigh-long curfew, used 110 tear gases, opened rubbery bullets at inhabitants, and picked up 27 of them.   
The witnesses, including guards of the police station, added the detainees, 27 among them four women, spent the night standing in an open place. Later in the night, policemen poured cold water on them. In the morning, an officer blindfolded and inflicted merciless beating on them.
On the other hand, the general manger of the police station denied, when asked by the reporter of Ikhwan online, any occurrences of torture. Nevertheless, our reporter saw a number of unconscious captures. The manger said arrested people are under investigation on charges of resisting the authorities.