Akef Calls for Supporting the Palestinians
Akef Calls for Supporting the Palestinians
Saturday, February 4,2006 00:00
The Muslim Brotherhood’s Leader, Muhammad Akef, highlighted the great challenges before the Palestinians under its new government that faces difficulties on both regional and international levels. Akef requested a full-sovereignty Palestinian State with Jerusalem to be its capital.
In his weekly statement, Akef focused on the Palestinian elections and its results that announced Hamas victor. ’These elections opened new large prospective for the Palestinian constant strive to gain its legal rights,’ Akef remarked.
Akef stated a number of items that should be the scope of the Palestinian struggle. Firstly, the establishment of a full-sovereignty independent state that entitles a complete control over land, air, and see borders; secondly, the immediate and unconditioned pullout of the Israeli forces; thirdly, the release of all Palestinian detainees and prisoners; finally, the return of the Palestinian refugees.  
The Muslim Brotherhood’s leader criticized the Western threats of aid suspension, asserting that this blackmail will not shake the Palestinian will to set up their long-aspired state.
In conclusion, Akef pushed Arab and Islamic countries for supporting the Palestinians in their new stage of strive. He, in addition, called on the international community to adhere to justice in settling the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.