Adjournment of Libyan Brotherhood’s Trial
Adjournment of Libyan Brotherhood’s Trial
Tuesday, February 7,2006 00:00
In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious
 Following a wave of release promises and a marathon of exceptional tribunals, the trial of Libyan Muslim Brotherhood has been adjourned to March18th, without calling the court in session. Therefore, the suffering serial of these Libyans, who used international-sanctioned mediums to establish their country, continues.
At heels of canceling the People Court, speculations about the release of the Brotherhood and all political prisoners loomed as a practical actualization of the government pledges. However, we found an exceptional tribunal that lacks the standards of just trial repeats the same illegal procedures.
Initially, the Muslim Brotherhood condemns the litigation of those people who, according to rights organizations, are political prisoners that neither provoked nor committed violent acts. The group regards the continuation of the trial an explicit violation for their political and civil rights. The persistence of the emergency laws, repeatedly vowed to be abolished, contests the credibility and fairness of the legal procedures.
Voicing our deep worry over the recurred adjournment, we stress that:
-         The release of political detainees is the first step on the way for reform.
-          Breaking release vows calls the regime intention for reform into question.
-         Procrastination of implementing reform complicates matters and deepens suffering of our nation.
Therefore, we press the government for setting all political prisoners free and to trigger immediate process of rectifying the deteriorating statues. For reform is the inevitable choice for achieving the supreme national interests.
Libyan Muslim Brotherhood