Libyan Muslim Brotherhood, A Statement on Benghazi Mayhem
Libyan Muslim Brotherhood, A Statement on Benghazi Mayhem
Monday, February 20,2006 00:00
We regretfully received the news of the death of eighteen citizens during Friday’s peaceful protest against defamatory and provocative statements of the Italian minister about Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon Him
Meanwhile we express our profound sorrow about this mishap in which defenseless citizens met their death, we offer from our heart condolences to families of dead people and show sympathy for injured citizens. At the same time we assert:
1-     Our condemnation of the slanderous statements of the Italian minister and disfiguring cartoons of Prophet Muhammad, PBUH. We stress that civilization dialogue, to which the West calls, should be based on a ground of mutual respect and will not be attainted via the deformation of the Islamic beliefs.  
2-     Our denunciation of the excessive use of violence and bloody procedures by the security forces against vulnerable protestors; a matter that aggravated the protest leaving a number of deaths.
3-     Our demand of an independent and fair investigation to find out who is responsible for this slaughter. We press for taking necessary legal measures to prevent the unjustified use of force against citizens and properties in future and to preserve the dignity of Libyans.
4-     Demonstration and peaceful protest of distortion of Prophet Muhammad, PBUH, are permissible for Muslims. Nevertheless, we, the Muslims, should restrict our protest only to involved parties and should not meet offense with similar response but with peaceful condemnation and explanation of the truth.      
The Muslim Brotherhood,