Israel Detains Two Hamas MPs
Friday, March 3,2006 00:00
By Ikhwan web
Continuing its aggravating campaign against the Islamic Movement Hamas and the Palestinians, the Israeli forces arrested two of Hamas MPs, Muhammad Abu Der and Muhammad Totah while paying a visit to el-Matlaa Hospital in Jerusalem.
On Tuesday, the Israeli troops put in custody Mussa Muhammad, a member of the local council of Karaot Bany Hassan.
Following these arrests, Hamas spokesman in Gaza called on the international community to consider the suffering of Palestinians and threats to democracy and to press Israel for halting its aggressive policy towards the Palestinians.
"The detentions aim to shake the Palestinian inner stability especially after the success of the ballots. Israel violates all international norms to hinder the performance of the incoming Legislative Council which will hold its first session on Monday," the spokesman Farahat Asaad said.
On the other hand, Hamas asserted it will release a number of political detainees in Jericho Prison once it forms the new government despite Israeli threats to assassinate them.
"The statements of the occupation are a political impudence where they directly threaten with assassination, breaching all international norms and values," Asaad told Jerusalem Press.  
Starting from its respect of Palestinian dignity and freedom of expression, Asaad stressed Hamas will end the issue of political detention. "Under Hamas led-government, no place for political detention and we will never accept it," Asaad remarked.  
Hamas spokesman denied reports of the Israeli Haaretz talking about disaccord between Hamas and Mahmud Abbas, the Palestinian Chairman, over the content of the formal letter authorizing Hamas to set up the government, saying the movement proceeds with its preparations for forming the government.