Action call: protest crackdown on Egyptian civil rights
Thursday, May 25,2006 00:00
By David Bloom, World War 4 report

From the Egyptian groups Institute for Freedom of Thought and Expression, Arab Institute for Civil Society, Legal Aid Society for Human Rights, and The Civil Monitor for Human Rights, on May 21:

On Thursday, May 18 activist Asmaa Mohammed Hassan Soliman (known as Asmaa Soliman), was surprised to learn that she had been dismissed from her job at the National Institute for Laser Enhanced Science at Cairo University. The dean of the institute, Dr. Mohy Saad Mansour, usually refuses to fire anyone, even when the situation clearly demands it When Asmaa tried to learn the reasons behind her dismissal, the director of Human Resources, Amaal Khalil, said that the dean had the right to do what he wanted, without giving his reasons.

Asmaa was hired with a temporary contract in 1997 and continued to work at the institute until her sudden dismissal. A number of her colleagues, who wished to remain anonymous because they feared similar reprisals, said that the dean had called the director of Human Resources to his office and told her that she must announce that the activist Asmaa was fired. This raises the question of whether the decision to fire Asmaa was handed down from the security authority, giving the dean no choice but to follow their policy. Asmaa has worked with a team of volunteers at the Civil Monitor since September 2005. She works as a civilian observer and has written many reports which have covered the scope of police brutality during the parliamentary elections and sectarian clashes in Alexandra, among other issues. Her name has been published a number of times in opposition newspapers, in articles related to human rights violations. Asmaa was not hired as a permanent worker in the last round of appointments even though she had worked there continuously for 9 years, and it is expected that workers receive permanent contracts after 3 years. One of the steps to being hired permanently is to obtain the approval of the security services.

At the base of this is the freedom of opinion and expression, academic freedoms and workers rights. The undersigned organizations entreat all civil society organizations and interested parties to condemn this dismissal and to announce their support for the activist Asmaa Soliman in her campaign against this unjust decision which violates international human rights standards at the heart of which are labor rights. Please send letters, emails or faxes stating your support to the addresses below, and forward a copy to us.

Prime Minister

Address : 2 Maglas El Shaab
Phone : + 202-793-5000
Fax : +202-795-8048

Email :
[email protected]

Dr. Hany Mahfouz Helal

Minister of Higher Education

101 Kasr Al Aini St,

Phone: + 202 7924189

Fax: +202 7941005

Email: [email protected]

Dr. Mohy Saad Mansour

Dean of NILES

Cairo University, Giza , Egypt

Phone : +202 5675201

Fax: + 202 5708480

E-mail: [email protected]

Institute for Freedom of Thought and Expression

Arab Institute for Civil Society

Legal Aid Society for Human Rights

The Civil Monitor for Human Rights

36A, el Komy St. 8th Fl. Midan Sayeda Zeinab, Cairo, Egypt

Phone: + 20107697540

E-mail: [email protected]


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