Algeria: MB Annual Forum Discusses Reform
Monday, June 12,2006 00:00
By Ikhwanweb

The Mahfouz Nahnah Third International Annual Forum will discuss the Islamic movement’s reform efforts and visions for the 21st century, which is scheduled to begin in July. Algerian Peaceful Society Movement (Hams), the MB chapter in Algeria which is sponsoring the forum, said it chose this issue out of its conviction of the challenges facing the Muslim world and the needs for change and reform.
The movement also added that the choice of this issue is attributed to the conflicting visions and positions on the part of the Islamic movement with all its different groups as to how to handle  developments at the local and international levels, which makes it incumbent on the movement to reread its programs and strategies.
The Forum is divided into three axes : 

First axis :

Innovation between constants and variables (Sharia ‘s vision). How to reconcile reform with political variables

Second axis :  

-Innovation of the Islamic movement’s agenda( motives , backgrounds and  dimensions ) 

- Innovation of sheikh Nahnah’s thought judgments and visions

- Innovation of Islamic movement and political reform. 

– Islamic movement and the Nation’s needs.  

– Islamic movement ’s mechanism to reconcile political reform with that of  missionary and social areas .   

–Islamic movement and the west. Islamic movement’s stance on the reform visions 

- Political discourse of the Islamic movement

 - Innovations within the  Islamic movement between the Islamic legacy and givens of  the changeable political reality . 

Third axis :
- Most prominent experiences of innovation within  the current Islamic movement  

- Experience of Peaceful Society Movement in Algeria, the Justice and Development party in Turkey, and the Islamic movement in the west.