Five Israeli soldier killed in southern Lebanon, navy boat sunk
Friday, August 11,2006 00:00
By Ikhwanweb&Agencies

Five Israeli soldiers were killed, Friday, and a number of others were wounded in clashes with Hizbullah fighters in southern Lebanon

Hizbullah said that its fighters killed four Israeli soldiers in battles in southern Lebanon. Zionist sources had admitted earlier to the death of one Israeli soldier in clashes in southern Lebanon.

Two Israeli soldiers were killed and four were wounded on Thursday in clashes with Hizbullah in southern Lebanon in the villages of Marjeyoon, al-Kheyam and Enata.

Meanwhile Hizbullah said that its fighters fired 90 rockets at Israeli settlements.

Hizbullah also announced that its fighters managed to hit and sink an Israeli navy boat opposite to the Lebanese city of Tyre. Israelis denied the claim.