MB Leaders Remain In Custody After Gov’t Appealed Court Rulling
MB Leaders Remain In Custody After Gov’t Appealed Court Rulling
Friday, August 18,2006 00:00
By Mohammed Aly

The Arab Human Rights Web released a statement on Thursday August 17, 2006, a copy of which was posted to Ikhwanweb. In its statement, the agency expressed its strong discontent following a ruling issued by Cairo Criminal Court withholding the release ruling which a court issued earlier this week in favor of Dr. Essam Al-Erian, Dr. Mohamed Morsy and five other MB leaders. The Criminal Court rulled to extend the detention of several MB leaders for another 15 days after  government appealed the first release ruling. Dr. Al-Erian and other MB leaderships were arrested last May against the background of their participation in pro- judge’s demonstrations. After three months in prison, a Cairo court ordered the release of them earlier this Monday but the State Security Prosecution challenged the ruling. Accordingly, the Criminal Court ordered the extension of their detention, considering the release ruling as null and void. Human Rights Web Chairman Gamal Eid commented by saying that justice which discriminates between the defendants for their political attitudes is a defected one, adding that the authorities still ignore the issue of the prisoners of conscience merely because those prisoners belong to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Arab  Human Rights Web chairman praised Dr. Essam Al-Erian by saying that he was the youngest MP in Parliament in the 1987 term of sessions, saying that he is known for his advocacy of reform issues in Egypt and has never been charged with any acts of violence. Mr. Eid also praised Dr. Mohamed Morsy the former MP parliamentary bloc in the past parliamentary term of sessions. He lamented that Dr. Morsy was excluded from the current Parliament after vote rigging processes in November 2005 election according to reports of the Egyptian human rights agencies. The Arab Human Rights Web in its statement appealed to the local, Arab and international civil society agencies to offer their backing to the prisoners of conscience in Egypt, and call on the Egyptian authorities to release Dr. Essam Al-Erian and his fellow MB members.
In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, MB First Deputy Chairman Dr. Mohamed Habib said that the continuation of those MB leaderships in prison shows the dictatorial mindset which rules Egypt, citing the scientific and social weight of those MB detainees whom he said have never embarked on any acts of violence as known to all. “ Their stay in prison is nothing but an attempt on the part of the authorities to keep the group in low profile after its sweeping win in the last year parliament election”, he said, adding that the regime mistakenly thinks that these arrests obstruct the movement of the group. “We adopt institutionalism in our activities, so the group activities are not much affected by these arrests. However, we weigh and appreciate the role which those detainees play within the group”, he added.