We neither use violence nor have a relation with Abo-Mus’ab al-Sori
We neither use violence nor have a relation with Abo-Mus’ab al-Sori
Friday, September 1,2006 00:00

Al-Bianoni: We neither use violence nor have a relation with Abo- Mus’ab al-Sori
Some western media resources stated that there is a relation between Abo- Mus’ab al-Sori and The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Syria . Abo- Mus’ab al-Sori is widely known of being a prominent figure in the Jihadi thought depending on using violence as a means of reform and change, so we have to point out this issue.
In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Mr. Ali al-Bianoni, chairman of MB in Syria, said that Abo-Mus’ab al-Sori has never been a member of the Muslim Brotherhood Group in Syria, but a member of al- Talee’a al- Muqatelah (the Fighting Vanguard) Organization in the outset of the 80s, then traveled to Pakistan where he issued his book "The Jihadi Movement in Syria", in which he violently attacked the MB to the extent that he- like some violence- oriented Islamic leaders- said that MB are infidels.
Al- Bainoni asserted that MB reiteratively affirmed the rejection of all forms of violence. In May 2001, before September 11 events, MB issued the National Honor Charter in which the group stressed the group’s principle of change through peaceful means and systematic development. This is quite clear in our trend in opposing the Syrian regime that we duly adhere to the law and constitution, which include Item 49, stipulating on death sentence to any Syrian MB!
Al- Bainoni denoted that there is a big contradiction between the Methodology of MB and that of the violence- oriented groups; since its establishment in 1928 by Hassan al- Banna, MB stressed on adhering to the peaceful methodology concerning change and reform.