Abul-Fotouh Calls On“government of disasters” to Leave
Abul-Fotouh Calls On“government of disasters” to Leave
Tuesday, September 5,2006 00:00
By Maha Galal

Egypt: Seven Killed& Fifty Injured In Train Crash 

In what seemed to be a fresh chapter of a series of government neglect and laxity, another accident happened today when two trains crashed on the same railway line at Daqahliya, north Egypt, leaving behind seven dead and fifty injured people.  Striking is that the accident took place in the same town which witnessed a collision between two trains two weeks ago. In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, MB Executive Bureau Member Dr. Abdul Monem Abul-Fotouh commented by first expressing his sympathy with the families of the slain and injured victims. Abul Fotouh lashed out at the government, depicting it as the government of disasters which started with “ the ship of death and ending with the recurrent train accidents which have become stigma on the face of Mr. Nazif’s government  “ What is happening in Egypt is but a farce and the recent cabinet reshuffle will not resurrect victims to life once again”, he said, adding that it is not a question of unseating this or that minister but it is an indication that the government is engulfed in corruption to its backbone. Abul Fotouh also said that he doesn’t call for unseating the Minister of Transport only but the entire regime, asserting that the continuation of this regime means more disasters and more victims.” The regime’s security has taken priority over everything including the nation’s safety, with all the regime’s establishments preoccupied with chasing the opposition”, he said, calling all the Egyptian people with all their brackets to work to topple what he dubbed as  “ government of disasters” .