Akef: Freedom Is A Major Islamic Principle
Akef: Freedom Is A Major Islamic Principle
Saturday, September 9,2006 00:00

The German television aired an interview with Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Mohamed Mahdi Akef on September 4, 2006, in which Mr. Chairman explained how Islam puts freedoms ahead of implementing Islamic law (Sharia) in many cases “Muslim Brotherhood regards freedom as a major principle in Islamic socities, and we are keen to adhere to it in our establishments" "We will continue our struggle against tyrants to restore our freedoms and exert all the efforts to promot freedom in our socities” the Chairman added.

Mr. Akef denied that the Muslim Brotherhood advocates a theocratic state, which existed in the Western countries in the Middle Ages “The Muslim Brotherhood calls for a civil state with an Islamic reference and highlights shura and democracy as main parts of its foundation” he reaffirmed.

On the ways and means which the group uses for promoting its ideology, the Chairman said that the ultimate goal of Muslim Brotherhood is to free Muslim countires from all forms of foreign hegemony, stressing that the group adopts only peaceful mechanisms for change and rejects violence completely.