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Muslim Brotherhood Chairman: Jerusalem is Central Issue for All Muslims
Muslim Brotherhood Chairman: Jerusalem is Central Issue for All Muslims
Sunday, December 17,2017 22:29

 Muslim Brotherhood Chairman, Dr. Mohamed Badie, called on the military coup authorities in Egypt to release Muslim Brotherhood prisoners to confront Israeli occupation, affirming that Palestine is a central cause for the whole Muslim Ummah, and one of the most important issues the Muslim Brotherhood had focused on since its inception. He described how the Muslim Brotherhood volunteer fighters had reached the outskirts of Jerusalem in the 1948 war, and that the group had exerted great efforts and blood in order to liberate the occupied lands.


Dr. Badie rejected judge's allegations with respect to the Muslim Brotherhood's involvement in terrorism in Sinai or elsewhere.


Dr. Badie made these statements during court session held on Saturday in Cairo, headed by pro-junta Judge Hassan Farid, a case known in the media by "the massacre of dispersing the Rabaa sit-in" which the judge adjourned to December 23rd.


On Saturday's session, the court completed hearing testimonies of several witnesses, where Dr. Badie addressed the Palestinian cause and Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Palestine, despite the Judaization attempts, including the recent claims by the US president and his bias towards the Zionist entity.