Egypt National Alliance Calls "Rabaa Massacre Continues" Peaceful Protest Week
Egypt National Alliance Calls
Saturday, August 12,2017 02:14

Four lean years have passed since the horrific Rabaa and Nahda massacres – the massacres of the century. Four years, but the vengeful blood-spilling has not stopped. Four years of struggle and steadfastness in the face of an unjust junta regime and a traitorous military machine of repression and persecution, which has not shown Egyptians any mercy. A murderous machine that lets no day pass without spilling more Egyptian blood in the streets and houses, farcical execution of unjust sentences, slow death in prisons, physical direct execution of detainees and the forcibly disappeared.


Four years, but we have not forgotten our martyrs, and have not and will not forget their murderers, nor retribution for them – sooner or later. The blood of these martyrs has not dried up and will never turn into colorless water.


The murderers will not enjoy a single moment of security or stability until the killers of these martyrs get fair and prompt punishment, and until Egypt restores its dignity and the people their freedom and their will.


The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance, which took upon itself the duty to face this brutal coup, renews its pledge to all those innocent souls who fell in Rabaa and Nahda in defense of their principles, freedom and dignity: we remain committed as ever; we will continue to defend the homeland and the people's rights, legitimacy and territories; and we will endeavor for victory or martyrdom.


The Alliance also renews its call to all the free men and women of the world, and all civil and human rights organizations and institutions to set up an independent international commission of inquiry into Rabaa, Nahda and other massacres carried out by the coup authorities since July 3, 2013 and until now.


On this occasion, the Alliance calls for a new revolutionary week under the title "Rabaa: the Massacre Continues" within the framework of the ongoing revolutionary wave "Leave".


Victory for the Revolution


Paradise for the martyrs


The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance


Friday – August 11, 2017