Rights Group Laments Court Final Approval of Death Sentences Against 5 Opponents of Egypt Coup
Rights Group Laments Court Final Approval of Death Sentences Against 5 Opponents of Egypt Coup
Monday, July 18,2016 15:44

Mansoura Criminal Court issued a final ruling Sunday sentencing to death five opponents of the coup regime, for the supposed murder of the son of Justice Mahmoud Sayed Almerli in August 2014, in Case No. 17583 felonies - Mansoura, on trumped up charges, including "willful murder and belonging to a terrorist group". The court session was presided over by Judge Mohammed Sayed Allam.

The five sentenced to death:

1. Ahmed Maher Al-Hindawi – third year university student, the Faculty of Engineering.

2. Abdel-Hamid Abdel-Fattah Metwalli - 42 years, the owner of a computer company.

3. Moataz Bellah Ghanim – student at the Faculty of Commerce, Mansoura University.

4. Mohamed Mahmoud Al-Banna.

5. Hassan Hefni.

According to the families of the men sentenced to death, their loved ones had been subjected to enforced disappearance after their arrest. Then, they were forced to "confess" to trumped-up charges under severe torture. The families hold the prosecutor and the Interior Ministry responsible for what happened to their relatives, and appeal to human rights organizations to intervene to revoke the unjust sentences, and to release them.

Ghanim sent a message from his prison in which he accused IM officials of torturing him at Mansoura First Police Station to force him to "confess" to murder, during the 20-day period when he was subjected to enforced disappearance.

In that message, Ghanim said: "They tied my hands behind my back. When I told them I had nothing to do with that incident, they started torturing me with electric shocks in my ears, my toes and hands. Then, they brutally beat me, asking me to sign a "confession" they had prepared.

"They continued torturing me. When they were sure that I have nothing to say, they told me, "We know you had nothing to do with this case, but we must finish it off. Now, do not force us to drag in your sisters and their husbands"... Thus they forced me to sign false confessions in the end."

The number of death sentences issued Sunday was 11 (all regime opponents). Two days ago, three more opponents of the putschist regime were killed by deliberate medical neglect inside junta jails.

Shehab Center for Human Rights stresses that this continuing approach of systematic murder, used by the current regime in Egypt as a routine policy in dealing with opponents in order to eliminate them constitutes a crime against humanity that is not and will not be time-barred.

Shehab Center for Human Rights