Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Beheira Torture Martyr Badr Shehata
Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Beheira Torture Martyr Badr Shehata
Monday, May 23,2016 21:02

The Muslim Brotherhood in Beheira Province mourns with great sadness the death of the civilian detainee Bader Shehata, who was unjustly sentenced in a military court to 15 years in prison, and who has just been tortured to death by officers at Borg Al-Arab Prison, with his bloodied clothes and scarred and bruised body showing clear evidence of excruciating torture.

We certainly will never abandon our patriotic people's rights. We will not stand idly by and quietly watch coup Interior Ministry militias and prison authorities pursue their policies of extrajudicial murder of political prisoners through torture, starvation and medical neglect.

We further emphasize that these crimes will not be time-barred, and that we will chase the criminals, murderous officers and prison guards who use systematic torture as a method of eliminating opposition with instructions from the heinous killer Hassan Al-Sohagi, head of the Prison Service.

We pray to God to bless Brother Badr Shehata among the martyrs in Paradise.