Coup Authorities Persist in Political Opponent Abduction, Forced Disappearance Policy
Coup Authorities Persist in Political Opponent Abduction, Forced Disappearance Policy
Wednesday, April 6,2016 18:58

The Arab Organization for Human Rights (based in Britain) filed a report to Egyptian authorities about security apparatuses subjecting a citizen called Ali Mohamed Ahmed Al-Badri, (born January 1, 1995) a student at the Faculty of Engineering - Cairo University, to enforced disappearance and torture, after he was arrested on Saturday - April 2, 2016.

On that Saturday, security forces in civilian clothes and official uniforms arrested Badri from his residence in Warraq (Giza) at dawn, without presenting proper public prosecutor documents, and without telling him or his family anything about his supposed crime.

Security forces then took him to an unknown location. He was never seen by a prosecutor. He was never allowed to communicate with his family or lawyer. Until now, Badri's family has not been told what are the charges against their son.

The family reported that as security forces arrested their son, officers attacked him violently, beating him until he bled severely, especially from his head where he was hit repeatedly with the butts of their guns. Then, forces dragged the family away from the room. They continued to beat Badri, with his family helplessly hearing the screams from outside. Then, forces took Badri to an undisclosed location. They never notified his family of his fate or whereabouts, until this moment. Indeed, the family was threatened to refrain from making enquiries about their son.

Badri's family said that as security forces searched their apartment, they smashed up its contents. The security forces returned to the house again at dawn Tuesday - April 5, 2015, again without proper documents or justification. They took away some university tools used by Badri's brothers in their studies. They are students of the Faculties of Medicine and Pharmacy. The forces also took away some household cleaning materials used by Badri's mother in house cleaning chores.

Ominously, some detainees at Warraq Police Station told their lawyers that Ali Al-Badri was taken into the Station in a particularly bad shape. He was further tortured brutally, with electric shocks, suspension by the arms, etc, according to witnesses who added that Badri's hands and feet were in heavy iron chains,  and that he was then removed to an unknown location.

Incidentally, on the same date when security forces arrested Badri, more units raided the house of an opponent in Warraq (Giza Governorate) called Mustafa Mohamed Attia, 39, then they killed him in cold blood. The forensic report said he was killed by nine bullets.

To contact Al-Badri's family, telephone 00201129982503