Coup Security Forces Arrest 10 Including Minor, Sick in Ongoing Fierce Campaign
Coup Security Forces Arrest 10 Including Minor, Sick in Ongoing Fierce Campaign
Thursday, January 21,2016 19:04

Anger and rebellion rage in the hearts of the people of Hamid in Beheira Province (to the north-west of Cairo), because of an ongoing chaotic operation by coup security forces involving a siege of the village since Wednesday evening, and the arrest of 10 residents (so far) including an ill youth who was attacked by security forces until he lost consciousness.

Witnesses affirmed that, during the raids, the coup regime's security forces indiscriminately stormed villagers' homes, beating people up and lynching a young man already injured in a car accident (Mohamed Musa Hamid) until he fell into a comma. Coup soldiers grabbed the ill young-man's injured leg and dragged him mercilessly on the ground.

Mohamed Hamid's family holds the coup Interior Ministry fully responsible for his life and safety, adding that coup security forces arrested and detained Mohamed's father and older brothers without charges a couple of days ago in similar raids, but were later released.

The coup regimes' ferocious campaign resulted in the arrest of 10 citizens, including a minor – all from the Hamid clan. Those are: Imad Saad, Hani Massoud, Karam Yahya (under 18), Wageeh Abdel-Ghani, Mahmoud Abdel-Ghani, Abdel-Rahman Wageeh, Ahmed Abdel-Azim, Mohamed Abdel-Hamid, Bassam Hamid, in addition to the injured young man Mohamed Musa.

Villagers also affirmed that the campaign of raids and arrests is still ongoing at the moment in a number of neighborhoods and villages in the region, pointing that the siege of the village of Hamid also continues, with arbitrary abductions by coup forces, days before the January 25, 2011 Revolution's fifth anniversary.


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