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FJP Leader Dardery: After Church Apology, Sisi Must Apologize to All Egyptians
FJP Leader Dardery: After Church Apology, Sisi Must Apologize to All Egyptians
Thursday, January 7,2016 20:26

Dr Abdul-Mawgood Dardery, leading member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), said that the apology offered by military coup commander Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi to the Egyptian Church is a treacherous "sectarian maneuver, an apologize to a segment of Egyptian society that is bound to deepen hatred and sectarian strife. The general is now required to apologize to all Egyptians for his and his illegitimate regime's horrid crimes. He should also leave immediately, so national cohesion can be restored".

Yesterday (Wednesday), Sisi offered an apology to the Egyptian Church for the burning of a number of churches in Egypt after the military coup that illegitimately ousted President Mohamed Morsi.

"How can the general apologize for the torching of churches and not for the extrajudicial killings by the military regimes' militias in all parts of Egypt during the January 25, 2011 Revolution, and until now, especially in the Maspero massacre, in Rabaa Square and other notorious atrocities? The general's security forces are responsible for all these crimes and these massacres, not the Muslim Brotherhood.

"We congratulate all Christians who love this homeland Egypt on the New Year, but not Tawadros or those who pray in their churches for murderers of Egyptians, those who still support this treasonous coup.

"Egypt's future must be built by all the patriotic people of Egypt while they enjoy justice, freedom and dignity."