Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria Lauds Steadfastness Despite Brutal Junta Violence
Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria Lauds Steadfastness Despite Brutal Junta Violence
Friday, September 25,2015 10:12

Wishing all Muslims a happy Eid (feast), the Muslim Brotherhood hopes the people of Alexandria will always remain as steadfast against military coups, tyrants and despots as they are today.

Eid cheers echo in all streets and squares of Alexandria in spite of the ban imposed by coup security forces against people praying in the open. The people of Alexandria have announced their commitment to their Islamic identity and the traditions of their Prophet (peace be on him). This clearly shows the brutal military coup's failure in its fight against religious rites.

Military junta forces Thursday stormed 43 (of a total 196) yards where the Muslim Brotherhood organized prayers to be held in the open. These militias also attacked 93 yards where Alexandrians organized prayers to be held. The junta is desperately trying to stop the established tradition of holding Eid al-Adha prayers in the open.

Coup regime militias used excessive force and violence in dispersing worshippers in a number of prayer yards, including Muhagereen prayer square, and Ramleh prayer yard.

However, local residents and men and women of the January 2011 Revolution refused to obey the orders of the military junta to cancel the prayers. Instead, they held their Eid prayers in spite of heavy presence of security forces and coup regime militias.

The solid, even heroic, steadfastness of the Alexandrian people was in evidence today (Thursday) as they defied gas bombs and live bullets to prepare hundreds of yards and public squares for Eid prayers in the open.

Of those, some 196 prayer yards and squares were organized by the Muslim Brotherhood, while hundreds more were prepared by other parties. Rising in rage, Alexandrian people challenge the heavily armed coup militias, and with selfless devotion they face up to ferocious junta forces who in fact fled the scene away from the crowds of residents in Ramleh Eid prayers square, for example.

To all the brave men and women of the January 2011 Revolution in all parts of this great and courageous city... We wish you a happy Eid, and hope you remain as steadfast in the face of injustice, firm in the face of tyrants and despots as you are today.

To prisoners of conscience in junta prisons... We wish you freedom, good health and security. Certainly, you know the real day to celebrate will be the day you are freed and this homeland is liberated from the grip of the military putschists.

To the martyrs' families... We wish you a happy Eid. The day will soon come when we all rejoice and the murderers are punished.

We celebrate Eid as we continue the Revolution, until the big day comes when we liberate our homelands and end the horrors of injustice, tyranny, despotism and authoritarian regimes.

Muslim Brotherhood

Alexandria (Egypt): September 24, 2015