Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Office Abroad Slams Mexican Tourists Slaughter
Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Office Abroad Slams Mexican Tourists Slaughter
Wednesday, September 16,2015 09:58

 Over the past few days, the whole world followed news of the callous murder of a group of Mexican tourists in Egypt's Western Desert. The brutal slaughter was not by the hands of terrorist groups. The killer is the military coup government – specifically, the Defense Ministry whose forces used in their crime Apache helicopters provided by the US Government despite our repeated pleas explaining that any weapons given to the military coup would be used for genocide and not as weapons to fend off national security threats.

We repeatedly warned, and we still caution that supporting the military junta with weapons, money and media cover will not result in peace and stability, nor will it achieve democracy or justice.

Today, the world witnessed a horrific massacre at the hands of junta forces – another crime added to the ongoing massacres since the July 3rd, 2013 coup, as extrajudicial execution became a systematic practice, a strategic policy, applied without thinking – not even for a moment, and without the slightest twinge of conscience, except when junta terror hits foreign tourists.

Indeed, we wish we could welcome all tourists with flowers in a safe, stable, free and generous Egypt.

On behalf of the great and truly generous Egyptian people, we offer our condolences to the Government and the people of Mexico. We deeply regret that such a horrendous incident should take place in Egypt – the land of tolerance and hospitality over the centuries and until the ruinous military coup took over.

We hold the military junta fully responsible for this crime, and hope the Government of Mexico will support the struggle of our people in its Revolution in Egypt until Egypt is once again a safe, stable, dignified and generous homeland.

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Office Abroad