ERC Condemns Recent Bombing of Italian Consulate in Egypt and Italian PM’s Recent Statement
ERC Condemns Recent Bombing of Italian Consulate in Egypt and Italian PM’s Recent Statement
Friday, July 17,2015 06:56

 H.E. Mr. Matteo Renzi

President of the Council of Ministers of the Italian Republic
Your Excellency,
We write to express the Egyptian Revolutionary Council's (ERC) condemnation and deep concern regarding the recent bombing of the building owned by the Italian Consulate in central Cairo last Saturday.
Furthermore, we are deeply concerned by the recent comments made by your Excellency regarding Egypt,
''Let me be very frank. In this moment Egypt will be saved only with the leadership of al-Sisi,"
Such remarks give direct support and appear to sanction the actions of a military dictator who has been responsible (according to Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International) for the killing of thousands, the continued detention of over 40,000 political dissidents, torture, rape disappearances and executions.
It is shocking that the Prime Minister of a democratic country which understands the dangers of fascist leadership from its own past should in 2015 be declaring support for General Sisi in Egypt.
General Sisi is a danger to the security and development of Egypt and not as you have suggested , it's saviour. The level of violence and terrorism has increased since the coup of 2013 as well as the spiralling of repression against citizens, foreign journalists and all civil society organisations. There has been a collapse in the rule of law and the judiciary has become a political tool of the regime.
All those concerned with democratic values and human rights would expect that Italy would stand by those seeking to uphold those values in Egypt and not declare support for General Sisi whose regime on a daily basis crushes rights and abuses citizens.
This new curve of violence in Egypt requires the world to assume its leadership by opening a transparent and clear international investigation into the recent acts of terrorism and massacres that have taken place in Egypt since July 3, 2013. Attached is our public statement issued in this regard.
If you would allow me to take this opportunity to state clearly that the struggle of the Egyptian people for freedom and rights is no less significant than that of the people of Europe in the twentieth century. In the light of your history, your values and your common interests with the Egyptian people for stability and progress you should review your policy and statements regarding General Sisi and his military regime. 
Yours sincerely,
Maha Azzam, PhD
Head | Egyptian Revolutionary Council – ERC