ERC Statement on the Second Anniversary of the 3rd of July 2013 Military Coup
ERC Statement on the Second Anniversary of the 3rd of July 2013 Military Coup
Saturday, July 4,2015 10:15

 Today marks the second anniversary of the ill-fated coup that General Abdul-Fattah El-Sisi announced on Wednesday, 3rd of July, 2013. By ousting the democratically elected president, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, El-Sisi, spearheading the coup, has revolted against the legitimacy of the 25th of January 2011 revolution, with its principles, gains, values and symbols, and in doing that, has empowered the counter revolution.

Egypt has had to live through two years of corruption and detrimental actions, injustice and tyranny, neglecting the interests of the nation and exploitation of its wealth.
Over the past two years, Egypt’s military dictatorship has proved to be unworthy of governing the country that it took control of by force of arms. El-Sisi was unsuccessful in dealing with the everyday problems of citizens. He was unable to eliminate terrorism, which instead of being ‘probable’ – as was referred to by El-Sisi two years ago – has become a ‘reality’ today. El-Sisi was unable to protect Egypt’s national security. He continued deploying the army, with its tanks and weaponry, in Egypt’s cities and towns against Egyptians.
During two years of media propaganda and incitement, he has promoted sectarianism and divided Egyptians. Through state-sponsored terrorism, he is killing, raping, and torturing Egyptians.
On the occasion of the second anniversary of the coup, we ask the supporters of coup:
Is Egypt’s current reality what the coup leader had promised you?
Is this the Egypt you want?
Was El-Sisi and his authority capable of improving your living standard?
Has El-Sisi squandered your country’s resources? 
The Egyptian Revolutionary Council asserts that El-Sisi and his military dictatorship are the main threat facing Egyptians today. There will be no prosperity for Egypt without the end of the coup regime and the restoration of democracy. The will of the people to choose their representatives in free and fair elections has to be respected in order for Egypt to develop.
Following the experience of two years of the coup, it is time for the those who have been deceived by El-Sisi’s ploys, to step back and stand with patriotic Egyptians and unite in the face of this criminal regime. Two years after the gloomy Wednesday, in which the coup was announced, El-Sisi and his regime are still suffering from a continuing decline in support as he is being exposed day after day.

Everyone has to wake up before it is too late, and before Egypt descends into civil strife and becomes a failed state.