Muslim Brotherhood Message for Ramadan – Muslim Month of Fasting
Muslim Brotherhood Message for Ramadan – Muslim Month of Fasting
Thursday, June 18,2015 01:13

 The Muslim Brotherhood congratulates all Egyptians, especially the men and women of the January 25 Revolution throughout Egypt, for the beginning of Ramadan. May God bless the Muslim nation with victory and fulfillment in this holy month.

The group also congratulates Egypt's elected President Mohamed Morsi and his steadfast mates in the military coup regime's prisons on the beginning of this holy month, that finds them in solitude which the Merciful has granted them. We ask God that next year this month would find them among us leading the free men and women of Egypt, rebuilding what the traitorous military junta has destroyed in this country.

The group also offers sincere congratulations for the holy month of Ramadan to all Muslims in the Arab and Muslim World and those defending Muslim land, especially in Palestine, and to all the free people around the world, who have not accepted injustice, defended the rights of the oppressed, and faced up to oppressors.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: Wednesday – June 17, 2015