Muslim Brotherhood Statement on the Execution of Defendants in "Arab Sharkas" Case
Muslim Brotherhood Statement on the Execution of Defendants in
Monday, May 18,2015 16:48
Words can no longer do with these murderers ruling over Egypt today. Statements and press releases will not suffice with these traitorous junta and corrupt kleptocrats. No voice is louder than the voice of retribution. No sound is louder than the flowing blood of martyrs shed unjustly by military murderers who deserve nothing but revolutionary retribution that will punish each and every last murderous traitor.

We call on all the revolutionary men and women of Egypt, all the free and honorable people of this homeland: come out, close ranks and rally against injustice and repression in every public square across Egypt, in a devastating revolution that will raise all the corrupt and the unjust on the land of Egypt. Stand steadfast, or live in humiliation and shame.

By God, the pure blood of the innocent young men executed by the treasonous junta will be avenged. The Revolution will not subside until it exterminates all the oppressors.

Glory to the Revolution

Punishment for the killers and oppressors

Mohamed Montaser

Muslim Brotherhood Media spokesman

Cairo: Monday – May 18, 2015