Anti-Coup Alliance: Escalating Popular Rage Paves Way for Powerful Protests to Oust Coup Regime
Anti-Coup Alliance: Escalating Popular Rage Paves Way for Powerful Protests to Oust Coup Regime
Saturday, April 11,2015 22:57

A new Friday of challenge, steadfastness and resilience (April 10) by Egypt's patriotic pro-democracy protesters started a new week of non-violent revolutionary rallies under the title "Stop execution of the homeland".

The junta's forces of repression and persecution fired heavy barrages of live bullets and gunshot pellets into unarmed demonstrators in streets and squares across Egypt. But protesters taught them a new lesson in fortitude and determination as they completed the revolutionary action, which they are keen to continue until the military coup is ultimately defeated and all criminals and officials whose hands are stained with the blood of Egyptians are held to task.

Meanwhile, military orders, barely disguised in the form of unjust judicial rulings – mass death sentences, were issued against some of the most highly-respected Egyptian symbols and icons of the Revolution, national leaders and a number of honorable and patriotic journalists and media professionals.

Furthermore, mounting public anger in all governorates of Egypt is paving the way for a powerful revolutionary response that will shake the pillars of the illegitimate bloody coup, achieve triumph and exact retribution for the blood of the innocent Egyptians slaughtered, maimed or injured by the brutal coup's murderous security forces.

The Revolution continues. It will not be distracted or drawn into sub-paths, away from the main goal – toppling the military coup regime, saving the homeland, and reinstating the people's will and democratic legitimacy, fully.

The treasonous Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi and his gang will certainly fall. His militias will not succeed in suppressing the legendary steadfastness of the revolutionaries. Blood of the martyrs will not be lost in vain.

Victory for the Revolution

Down with the rule of traitors and murderers

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Friday – April 10, 2015