Students Against The Coup Press Statement Warns Against Executions
Students Against The Coup Press Statement Warns Against Executions
Wednesday, April 8,2015 04:06

 The Students Against The Coup (SAC) movement's Executive Office issued this press release Tuesday:

With the escalating coup crime campaign and the increasing number of death sentences carried out, executing Egyptians under a flimsy cover of lopsided law, we stress the following:

- We strongly and totally reject these unjust death sentences.

- Those death sentences should be dealt to the criminals who committed unspeakable atrocities against the homeland and the people, not to those who peacefully demand freedom.

- Continuing the implementation of these unjust sentences will push the country into a spiral of chaos that no-one will be able to stop or control.

- There is no difference between a soldier who kills with a rifle and a judge who kills from the top of his bench.

- Our Revolution will not stop until fair and prompt retribution is exacted from all criminals, and until the Revolution imposes popular will and achieves its goals.

In conclusion, SAC calls on its members and the masses of Egyptian students to rise up in protest tomorrow (Wednesday) in all Egyptian universities under the banner "Executions spark chaos", as a confirmation for the above and to further affirm that Egyptian students will never allow those crimes to go unpunished.

Students Against The Coup Executive Office

Cairo: Tuesday – April 7, 2015