Egypt's Pro-Democracy Coalition Calls 'Egypt Speaks Revolution' Preparatory Protest Campaign
Egypt's Pro-Democracy Coalition Calls 'Egypt Speaks Revolution' Preparatory Protest Campaign
Thursday, January 1,2015 05:28

 Throughout Egypt, the people want to complete their Revolution. As January comes back, once again, all across the homeland, the people are raging against military junta injustice and repression. And as the Sun shines on all the junta's hidden facts, the fascists' corrupt military rule are shamefully exposed, and humiliation haunts its henchmen who dance in the temples of darkness and corruption. Now, it is time to demolish that State of corruption on the heads of the new Pharaoh and Haman – the criminal coup commander, his collaborators and their forces of evil.

The atmosphere is right. Egypt 'speaks' Revolution, and the volcano of anger is about to explode. The heinous traitor will fail irrevocably, despite all old corrupt Mubarak's tips, the Zionist and American masters' instructions, the tyranny of Gulf sponsors, or the tours of begging and selling out Egypt.

The spirit of January 25, when thousands of martyrs were killed by security forces, has become entrenched deep in our hearts, holding hope for the future of a nation that is at last breaking free. This is a Revolution until victory, a Revolution of people who seek to wrest their rights, freedom, dignity and justice.

We all stand steadfast, shoulder to shoulder behind the banner of Revolution. This is our voice, thundering – will not fade away. This is our banner – we will not put it down. And we will not bow down in submission or compromise.

These days, the birthdays of the two great Prophets Mohamed and Jesus (peace be on them) coincide, at the beginning of a decisive revolutionary year. Let us be inspired by their spirit of hard work, their fight against corruption, their epic steadfastness, resilience and selfless devotion, regardless of the enemy's plot, to revolt against injustice, tyranny and supposed religious figures that turned into paid priests and caretakers in the temple of the illegitimate coup, until Egypt is liberated from subordination and repression, and cleansed of treason and corruption.

Let us rise in revolt, with pro-active tactics, rather than mere reactions. Be prepared to complete the Revolution and achieving its objectives. Let the revolutionary wave of January 25 sweep our dear homeland powerful, great and earth-shattering. Let us begin a preparatory campaign for that, entitled "Egypt speaks Revolution", starting with "Together for liberation and cleansing" week of peaceful protest.

The stronger our will, our faith and public support, the closer the moment of decisive victory. Our peaceful steadfastness will defeat the military's terror machine, and then Justice will say its word against all the forces of evil and aggression.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance
Wednesday – December 31, 2014