Hundreds of Journalists, Media Professionals Detained, Killed Under Military Junta Rule
Hundreds of Journalists, Media Professionals Detained, Killed Under Military Junta Rule
Monday, November 3,2014 05:01

 The Egyptian Observatory for Rights and Freedoms (EORF) said that since the July 3 (2013) coup, journalists and media workers in Egypt have faced various violations by state agencies, especially the army, the police and the judiciary, adding that journalists have seen their rights curbed, their professional work restricted, their newspapers closed and their TV channels shuttered while they personally suffered arbitrary arrest, brutal torture and, increasingly, murder.

In a report issued Sunday, on the anniversary of the world day for the fight against impunity for the perpetrators of crimes against journalists, EORF stressed that these violations are incompatible with Egypt's obligations under international treaties and conventions concerning freedom of the press, media and information.

EORF's report highlighted the violations committed by coup authorities against journalists and media workers as follows:

- 92 detained, 67 of whom are still in prison at present

- 9 journalists and media professionals killed while performing their professional duties

- 60 injured

- 6 military trials

- 687 violations of various types

- 10 satellite TV channels shuttered

- 12 offices of journalistic and media organizations raided and shuttered

- 2 newspapers banned

- 237 incidents of physical attacks on media equipment

- 22 journalists banned from writing

- 30 journalists arbitrarily expelled from their organizations.

EORF pointed that the press and the media in Egypt suffer a very tense situation and repressive legislative texts that threaten the profession as well as press and media freedoms.

The report further disclosed that these serious violations were met with total disregard by the authorities vested with the protection of journalists and the media in Egypt, especially after the election of Diaa Rashwan as Syndicate chief. In fact, the EORF report went on, more violations have been committed against journalists under Rashwan than in the entire history of the Journalists' Syndicate since it was established.

EORF affirmed that discrimination and bias have become the hallmark of junta regime authorities against press and media workers since the July 3, 2013 coup.

The EORF report urged authorities to respect media professionals and media freedom, to immediately issue an amnesty for detained journalists and media workers, and to release them without delay.