Egyptian Observatory for Rights and Freedoms Issues August 2014 Fair Trial Violations Report
Egyptian Observatory for Rights and Freedoms Issues August 2014 Fair Trial Violations Report
Friday, September 5,2014 04:49

 The fair trial unit at the Egyptian Observatory for Rights and Freedoms (EORF) issued its monthly report on trials of detainees (for August 2014).

The report highlighted the continued campaign of harsh punishments handed out by Egypt's judicial authority which has become a tool of the illegitimate military junta regime to suppress all opposition.

In August 2014, the courts considered 26 cases, and passed verdicts and sentences against 268 political detainees, including 3 women. These included 20 death sentences and 161 jail sentences totaling 2,595 years and 66 months in prison. Meanwhile, 87 detainees were acquitted, and a death sentence against a child was overturned.

With regard to financial penalties, total fines imposed during the month of August amounted to LE846,550 (Egyptian Pounds).

The verdicts against detained sisters Hend and Rasha Mounir Abdel-Wahab Ali, Miss Amani Hassan Saleh and Amir Hassan Saleh as well as (in absentia) Shaaban Fahim Zahran and Hassan Abdel-Zaher Abdel-Rahman – sentenced to life imprisonment and fined a thousand pounds each by Cairo Criminal Court – are a clear example of the documented violations of fair trial in Egypt.

In its report, EORF affirmed that unfair trials persist, along with the continued brutal repression of opponents of the current regime, to legitimize the systematic oppression of Egyptians with fraudulent legal processes aimed at branding junta atrocities as court orders and legal provisions.

EORF stressed that such verdicts and provisions are abnormal, absurd and shocking, bound to banish any notion of justice from these courts and, therefore, cause rejection of all rulings and judgments.

EORF underlines that Egyptian authorities do not pay attention to demands made by the international community, which must intervene immediately to stop this horrid massacre of human rights in Egypt.

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