Muslim Brotherhood: 90% of Egyptians Boycott Sham Presidential Election
Muslim Brotherhood: 90% of Egyptians Boycott Sham Presidential Election
Thursday, May 29,2014 06:14

 Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood issued the following statement:

• With a 90% boycott of the blood ballot – the show presidential election, the Egyptian people have dealt a serious and humiliating blow to the illegitimate coup and its so-called roadmap. This is the beginning of the end of the military coup. We hail the Egyptian People's resilience and steadfastness.

• The Egyptian people have turned their back to the sham presidential elections. All the military coup's begging, pleas and threats have failed. The Egyptian people have thus told the whole world that they will not abandon democratic legitimacy, freedom or dignity.

• The people of Egypt are one nation and will continue to hold high their values ​​and their unity.

• The honorable patriotic people of Egypt affirm that they are the only authority that can grant legitimacy to those they can trust, and that the murderous military coup has no legitimacy or popularity. They further affirm that they will continue to reject the coup and resist it until they defeat it completely - with God's help – and with peaceful creativity and selfless devotion, patience and determination. The Egyptian people will reclaim their rights and freedom, and will write glorious new pages of their homeland's history.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: May 28, 2014